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7/10/2001 Iritis.com has been top of Google results for the query "iritis" since January.  Thank you for helping make iritis.com the top-rated iritis site.

3/3/2001 I've removed the Doctor's discussion groups and the Iritis real-time chat function as they were not being used.

Iritis is a common eye condition in which the iris is inflamed. This site aims to draw together patients who suffer from iritis, and doctors who treat it.

I started this site because many of my iritis patients clearly wanted to know more about their condition. However, in a government hospital setting there is never enough time to explain things as much as one would wish. I also started this site because for many patients, being able to discuss their condition with others is therapeutic in itself.

For those people with iritis associated with medical conditions, links to self-help and advice groups are given.

While all information is given freely and in good faith, I cannot be liable for the information given on this site, as the information is not tailored to your particular condition.

I hope you find it helpful.

If you have a query about your condition, please ask it in the patients' discussion groups - I usually answer within a few days

If you have a comment about the site, you may email me -- I do not reply to emails requesting advice sent to this address.  Forgive me -- I get many poorly thought-out advice queries by email.  The quality of the posts in the discussion groups seems to be higher, probably because people are aware that they are making a public post.

Dr Victor Chua MA (Cantab), MB BChir (Cantab), MRCSE (Ophth.)
Cambridge, England
7 October 2001


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